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Someone in the "creepies" group asked about nightmares... - Rayah [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Someone in the "creepies" group asked about nightmares... [Aug. 18th, 2010|08:17 pm]
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I used to have a recurring nightmare where I would somehow end up in this basement/dirt floor/warehouse-type room, and this creature would rise out of the floor. I would sense it before I could see it, an evil, menacing presence, and I'd look around a few times before I'd hear a laugh or movement and finally see him. He only appeared from the waist up, but even so was very powerful and frightening. He was naked and hairless, skin was a very pale gray, arms were long and bony with long bony fingers and fingernails. I don't remember him having eyes, but he always knew where I was. I would end up trapped in this place, trying to get out, and he would have other creatures/monsters/people that he controlled trying to kill or capture me. I was terrified and couldn't get out.

I would wake up gasping for air. One time, I decided in the dream to fight him, but woke up inadvertently. So I went back to sleep and back into the dream to face him. Once he realized he couldn't control me and I wasn't afraid, I was able to escape.

I had the dream once or twice more after that, but I remembered what had happened before, so I was always able to win. In fact, once I even laughed at him and said "What? You're trying AGAIN?!" In retrospect, the whole thing was pretty cool! :)