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Need: Veggie Survivalist Food [Oct. 2nd, 2011|09:16 pm]
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Cross-posted to vegrecipes

Hi all, I'm new to this group and I've been a vegetarian for 23 years.  Mostly ovo/lacto, as I am currently, but I do occasional stints as a vegan.

I hope this is not too off-topic for this group, but I'm hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction.  I've been a city girl most of my life, even though I love camping and hiking and I try to be outdoors whenever possible, summer or winter.  I have recently started seeing a carnivorous gentleman who is teaching me the ways of outdoors life, including rock climbing, survival, and soon to be ice climbing and winter camping.  This is all great, except he does not know what to do about my vegetarian diet when he takes me out to the wilderness this winter.  He is used to bringing meat that gets cooked over a fire and jerky to keep protein in the system between meals.

So.  I need to know how to be a vegetarian in the great outdoors.  Particularly in the winter.  Does anyone here know about this sort of thing or know where I can find the information I need?  I have already promised that if we should be stranded on a mountaintop and starving to death that I would kill a squirrel or something in order to not die, but I would prefer it not come to that.  Any ideas are welcome, and if you know of any vegetarian survivalist-types, I'd love to ask them about what to eat while clinging to a snowy mountaintop.