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AT&T Sucks - Rayah [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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AT&T Sucks [Feb. 3rd, 2012|09:00 am]
My internet went out at home - they're supposed to fix it today.  The AT&T system is so screwed up.  I was on the phone last night for two hours, four different reps, all of them try to run the same tests on the line and my modem, even when I told them the tests had already been done.  At one point I was told I'd get a call, to let it go to voice mail and then call the number they leave.  So I do this, but the message does not leave any specific directions about who or what department to ask for, so my call ends up routed back to Tech Support, who wonder why I called them and not Line Maintenance.  While they transfer me, my phone battery runs out, so I have to recharge and call again.  I listen to the message again to make sure I didn't miss any instructions on how to get to Line Maintenance and not Tech Support, but there aren't any, so of course my call gets routed to Tech Support again!  By the time I got someone to tell me they'd be sending someone out today, I was Not Happy.  Plus, if they decide the problem is in my apartment, I have to pay for repairs. :(